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We are a small but experienced team dedicated to helping you create an unblemished document which will not let you down. And because we are small, we can work closely with you, ensuring that we match the finished product to your particular needs.


As well as publishing, Blue Gecko Books offers a full range of editorial and writing services. Whether you have written a work of fiction or non-fiction, a speech, a report, an academic paper, an article, or a letter, we can refine and polish your manuscript. We can even write it for you!

Ensuring that your text meets the highest standards of written English, our work includes:

  • Taking you through the various stages to produce your self-published book

  • Editing and formatting student dissertations, from undergraduate to doctorate level

  • Working with you to achieve high quality job applicationsCVsoffice reports and presentations

  • Producing online journals for an academic or other readership.

 Good written English matters, and so does attention to detail. There is a reason why 'refining the written word' is our strapline. It's what we believe in; it's what we can achieve together.


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