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The Journey's End 
by Jane Woolfenden


Lee Kim Cheng leaves behind his shattered business in Malaysia and travels to London in search of a qualification he believes will open new doors for him . . .

Three months later we find him living in a run-down bedsitter, wrapped against the cold and struggling to make ends meet. Just a few streets away, Isabel Raines is on her way to a first date with the man who will become her husband.

Two people, seemingly strangers, going about their lives in the city where people can disappear; two people, both haunted by memories of a former love.

Moving between the wet and windswept streets of London and the lush rainforests and intense, tropical sunlight of Malaysia, Jane Woolfenden's intriguing first novel tells the bittersweet story of a brief but tender affair that was never allowed to run its natural course. Global issues of modern tourism in a fragile environment, the tensions of a failing marriage, and the hardships encountered by international students away from home are just some of the novel's underlying themes; but it is the timeless tale of
two people in love that is at the heart of the story.

Published in 2013
ISBN 978-0-95
Available from bookshops, Amazon, Waterstones, and other major online retailers. 

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