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Legacy: New Millenium, New Seychelles by James Alix Michel

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Written by former President of the Republic of Seychelles, James Alix Michel, this is a measured and honest reflection that sheds light on a challenging period in the nation's short history . . .

In his own words: ‘By the time I stood down in 2016, following my third successful election, I was able to bequeath a priceless legacy to the country I love so dearly. But my experience since then has been mixed. I am proud of all that I did, yet puzzled that some who I had always trusted so quickly turned against me. I have been accused of things I never did. So one reason for writing this book is to set the record straight, to rebut unfounded allegations. A second reason is simply to fill a gap in the modern history of Seychelles. Both are important to me.’
In looking back, the author looks forward too. This book is about the future as well as the past. It is about tomorrow’s generations, not only yesterday’s. Michel urges that we must be equal to the challenges that lie ahead. ‘We owe nothing less to our children and all who follow.’
James Alix Michel has written various books on his experience of working in government and then leading this small island nation. As a pioneer of the idea of the Blue Economy, he is also the author of the internationally acclaimed ‘Rethinking the Oceans: Towards the Blue Economy’.


Published in 2021
ISBN 978-0-9575685-3-2 (Hardback)

ISBN 978-0-9575685-4-9 (Paperback)

Available from bookshops, Amazon, Waterstones, and other major online retailers. 

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