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Calm Sea


Are you finding it difficult to attract a conventional publisher? Can't get your head around the complexities of self-publishing? Blue Gecko Books can help. 


Each of the stages in the book production and distribution process will be managed by us. 


  • Production method

Once we have refined your text, designed your book and formatted everything so it is print-ready, it will be outsourced for processing. The book will be printed on demand in response to individual or group orders. ‘Print on demand’ has enormous advantages as a way of achieving high standards while, at the same time, saving on the costs of a prior print-run and subsequent storage of copies.


  • Distribution

Through the publisher’s access to global networks of wholesalers, booksellers and libraries, the book will be listed in all relevant catalogues and made available to purchase worldwide through online booksellers such as Amazon. It can also be ordered directly from bookshops.


Yes, it's like 'self-publishing' - but we do all the work. And you will never lose control over your content.

Editing and Proofreading

Whether your document is a one-page letter or a book-length manuscript, a speech or a dissertation, we can help you perfect and polish your writing so you can be confident that your finished work is clear, fluent, and free from errors.

  • Our basic proofreading service

We will remove typographical errors; we will correct spelling, grammar, punctuation and formatting.

  • Our complete proofreading and editing service 

We will correct spelling, grammar, punctuation and formatting; check for inconsistencies in the text; remove redundant and misused words; improve style, structure, clarity and flow of writing; make sure that the general tone of the document is appropriate for its intended audience.

We specialise in editing documents for non-native English speakers.

Ghostwriting and Indexing

  • Indexing

Indexing is a chore so let us do it for you. We will create an elegant and effective index for your book - whatever the topic.


  • Ghostwriting

We would love to tell you which books we have written, but unfortunately we can't!

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